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The Shaligrams are specifically described as fossil-stones which have taken shape in the Gandaki-river, and are characterized by the presence of discus marks. Shaligrams are always naturally found in the river Gandaki. These also include the famous Kali-Gandaki River, Muktinath, Damodar Himal, Damodar Kunda, Devghat, etc.

Shaligrams are sacred 'shilas' or stones representing the abstract form of Lord Vishnu. His followers, the Hindu Vaishnavas, place these stones in their puja altars for daily worship. Just as the abstract form of Shiva is the stone ‘lingam’ which the Shaivites worship     More...

  FAQ's on Shaligram/Shaligram Shilas/Salagram/Salagram Silas
  Q.- What is Shaligram or Salagram?
Q.- What are the benefits of Shaligram Shilas?
Q.- How to perform Puja of Shaligram Shilas?
Q.- What are the Mantras to energies Shaligram?
Q.- What is the legend associated with Shaligram?
Q.- How many Shaligrams can be kept in house?
Q.- From where Shaligrams are obtained?
Q.- Can Women perform puja on Shaligram?
Q.- Which Shaligram shall I keep in puja ghar?
Q.- What are the precaution to be taken for Shaligram?
Q.- How to check the original Shaligram?
Q.- How can I get a genuine Shaligram Shila?
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Exotic Surya Laxami Narayan Shaligram Golden Laxmi Narayan Shaligram Adwaitya Laxmi Narayan Ganesh Shaligram Sarvottam Sita Ram Shaligram is a unit of Nandika Jewels, Delhi (India) known for selling authentic & genuine Astrological products since 2001 through &, pioneer sites in selling Rudraksha Beads and Astrological Gems. All the Shaligram shown on the site are carefully examined and energized by Vedic ritutals and Mantras. If you require any information or clarification in this regard, Please fell free to contact us at or call us at 91-09871921188, 91-011-22372938 .

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